Great string!  A little thicker than the other pro grade. Comes in variety of colors with a nice pinstripe in it. 75 grams that comes on a plastic spool!!

Sundia has added another color to their “Shining” line of cups. Its a Fuchsia Pink. Here is a picture.


We at Diabolo Galaxy send out our prayers for all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The devastation there has deeply affected us. To see how many lives have been lost, destruction of homes and cities, the mourning of relatives of lost ones and the continuing problems have truly humbled us. The way the Japanese people are conducting themselves with order and respect towards each other is fantastic. Let us pray for them that they can get through this as peacefully as they can. We would also like to pray for all those who have devoted themselves to helping them.

Some organizations helping are

American Red Cross

Global Living

Save The Children

Salvation Army


Convoy of Hope

International Medical Corps

Shelter Box

We can also help by donating to the organizations which are helping out.

Sundia’s newest product for 2011 is the Mni Micro Diabolo. It comes with a long axle one-way bearing as the Fly. It weighs 170 grams. It has a length of 9cm and a width of 8.7cm. At the moment it comes in 3  colors. An opaque

Sundia Micro Mini Diabolo - Blue

Blue, a clear and an opaque pink/red. We are really excited about the new Sundia Micro Diabolo.

Sundia has come out with its Acrylic bearing yo-yo.  The Sundia acrylic bearing yo-yo is the hottest, newest yo-yo around. Made of acrylic resin and has a bearing axle for long smooth runs.  If thats not enough, the Sundia yo-yo has hub stacks on either side with bearings.  In total, this yo-yo has 3 bearings.  This allows for more tricks and you can do balance adjustment while the yo-yo is in play without interrupting its spin!

Check it out in our shop!!

A Sundia employee gives us a little preview of what she can do with 3 Sundia diabolos. Thanks and Good Work!!

Sundia LED Kits

Sundia has recently improved their LED kits from a 1 bulb (rainbow changing colors) to a 2 bulb per side.

Sundia Shining Cups

With the addition to the newest triple bearing, Sundia added the new “Shining” line of cups. They come in a clear transparent colors and very handsome marbled colors. The new shining cups are a much softer and more flexible design as opposed to the fly cups. They also have a ribbed design.

Sundia is also in the process of improving the shining cups to be more resilient to the colder climate in colder countries.

Sundia Triple Bearing

Sundia’s newest bearing system features an upgrade from the original one-way one bearing fly system. The triple bearing design has 3 seperate bearing systems instead of 1 which allows for a smoother and longer spin.

They have now also changed the color coding on the newest triple bearing axle to red and black which in my opinion looks nicer than the original red and blue.

In this picture, also note the newest color of the carbon fibre washer.  It also looks nicer as they have made it black from the original greyish color.

Hello Diaboloists!

Welcome to Diabolo Galaxy Blog. Here you will find latest updates on Sundia diabolo products. Thanks and enjoy!